Resilient Cities 2015

Media Partners

Media partners supported the media outreach of the Resilient Cities Congress 2015.

International Innovation

International Innovation is the flagship free-to-access publication from Research Media, publishing global insight and analysis on current scientific research trends, as well as funding and policy issues. Coverage spans the breadth of scientific disciplines, with key focus on the interdisciplinary areas of healthcare, environment and technology. Click here to start reading today.

International Innovation’s primary aim is to make research understandable and discoverable for a broad audience. Our specialism lies in bringing clarity from complexity, offering a different and unique forum for the communication and dissemination of publicly- and privately-funded research. International Innovation brings research to life in new and exciting ways.

We develop bespoke and proven research dissemination solutions to meet our client’s needs. Utilising the range of opportunities open to us we are able to offer a multi-platform, multi-channel approach, as well as access to the broadest possible audience across the spectrum of research, policy and practice.

Crisis Response Journal

Crisis Response Journal is the international publication focusing on response, resilience, continuity and security issues arising from large scale natural and man-made disasters, emergencies and terrorist attacks. CRJ analyses past events to draw vital lessons for the future, while constantly scanning the horizon to identify and help mitigate new threats. In the ten years since its launch, CRJ has established itself as the unrivalled quality publication that truly reflects the crisis community’s thirst for critical information.

Cities Today

Read by mayors, local government leaders and urban professionals, Cities Today is the only global publication on sustainable development of cities. To read a copy, please go to their website.

Green Africa Directory

The Green Africa Directory is an online pan-African network that aims to connect and promote sustainability organisations across Africa and is a green hub for news and information. The Green Africa Directory aims to inspire and accelerate sustainability across all sectors in Africa – raising awareness, facilitating knowledge-sharing, enabling collaboration and igniting innovation.