Resilient Cities 2015

Congratulations to Ms. Sayamon Saiyot, winner of the Resilient Cities 2015 Photo Contest!

Resilient Cities was looking for photos that embody the concept of "urban resilience" and "adaptation to climate change" in cities/communities and we've found our winning photo in Sayamon's submission. 

The theme of the contest this year was: Testimonies of resilience: Snapshots capturing successful climate change adaptation actions in your city or community

Our grand prize for the photo contest winner is: A free entry at the Resilient Cities 2015 congress! 

Winning submission of Resilient Cities 2015 Photo Contest

Daily Life: I am a farmer. I have a small water-vegetables garden along this canal. I have a boat I typically use in the garden. Have you seen the water trail above the window? Yes, a boat saved my life during the mega flooding (in Thailand)