Resilient Cities 2015

Special Urban Food Forum, Wednesday June 10th at Resilient Cities

RUAF and ICLEI, in collaboration with the EC funded SUPURBFOOD program, organized a Special Urban Food Forum as part of the Resilient Cities congress program on June 10th.

The Forum featured a Panel with city leaders on good practices for managing resilient city-region food systems. Participants included representatives from cities such as Cape Town, Nairobi, Ghent, Amman, Medellin, and Walvis Bay. A SUPURBFOOD supported policy brief and UA Magazine on city region food systems will be presented.

Following the opening session, two technical sessions were held.  The first, organized in cooperation with GIZ, focused on Planning resilient food systems at an urban and metropolitan scale with speakers from UNEP, GIZ, and START with a discussion on how to operationalize the water-urban-food energy nexus. The second examined the role of small and medium enterprises in urban food system development and featured innovative SMEs working in the field of city region food systems from the cities of Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Riga (Latvia), Vigo (Spain) and Bristol (UK).

Please see our program pages -Day 3, sessions F4, G4, H4 – for further information.

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